This is a collection of interesting articles, interviews and videos connected to my work and some of my projects.

Your Dashboard Sucks - And How to Fix It (since 2019)

The way the human mind captures, processes and interprets information is different for everyone, however, the results for our dashboards are supposed to be the same: an informed human at the helm of their digital garden of products. The way we design dashboards though is largely different, an information overload, cramming as much information into them “because we might need them some day” and not because we actually need them. Therefore, we forego the one advantage dashboards have over other traditional methods of information capture: Immediacy and relevancy. And that sucks. Let me introduce you to a couple of examples and a few ways out of the information jungle. For better, well-informed decision making at a moment’s notice!

The initial event was recorded (my part starts at around 6:30m) and there are also slides available.

I’ve given this talk another time at Geeknight ThoughtWorks in 2020, with a more elaborate Q&A at the end:

Article about Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Security and Serverless (2019; German)

DevSecOps: Automation without a threat model and an understanding of the implications is a fig leave excuse for implementing security concepts

I gave an interview for JAXenter about “DevSecOps” (a terrible portmanteau) and Continuous Delivery, and why automation isn’t “the cure” for all things security.

What is (not) DevOps (since 2017)

A talk I’ve given a lot of times over the years about what DevOps is, what it isn’t and what it can be. Slides are also available.

Play Port Authority - TDD for containers (since 2016)

A talk I’ve been giving since 2016 about TDD, applied to infrastructure, and to containers especially. The slides are available and there are a couple of recordings out there. The one from TechSummit 2017 is the shortest and easiest to consume:

Advanced Science-Fiction (2017)

A talk I gave about agile development, DevOps and Continuous Delivery, which all very much sound like “advanced science-fiction” some, at Agile Serbia 2017. Slides are available as well.

Interview about TDD + container infrastructure (2016; German)